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Eyes Akimbo :: Ninja Vision :: Extreme Mindfulness at High Speeds

Posted on 03 January 2017

There was that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie said,

"We're looking for Aidan, ladies, eyes akimbo."  

This phrase stuck in the back of my mind, I love the way it sounds... akimbo, usually referring to hands on hips with elbows outward; the word akimbo reminds me of limbo, possibly bending at will, looking outward and backward and beyond... eyes pointed in all directions at the same time... the way I imagine a Ninja views the world, like in the Jujitsu inspired movies where they slow down the action and rotate the cameras POV around the subjects or one of my all time fav's ... The Matrix - when Neo says, "No." and then ...

  this happens - and YOU realize he can see everything all at once... he always could, he just didn't tune in to it until that moment.  Doesn't it give you the cills, the music that momentum of the scene... (sigh, I digress...)

As a New Yorker it pains me to walk down the street and have to "limbo" through the oblivious sea of tourists and overly self important suits; all the conscious beings pushing their important way to elevator doors closing in their faces... no one being aware of others, no consideration.  Blind.  The worst behavior for me to observe, is when I see someone march out of an elevator and their head is literally turned and looking in the opposite direction of which they are walking.  When you tune in and make an effort to be aware of your surroundings, it's scary how disconnected all the other people can be. 

"Eyes not akimbo.  Mind not connected, not aware of their existence in the Matrix."  

I have a passion for driving, especially High Performance Driving on a Race Track! This is an exhilarating and addictive hobby that reaps many, many rewards.  I've met some amazing people through various driving clubs, events and series... but being instructed in how to look ahead and be aware, has given me so much focus in life.  When you are in control of a death machine, and you realize your foot is on that peddle and it is you who can reach the breaks, and there are other drivers behind and in front of you, and a car can be off the track around the next blind turn... yes, you become acutely aware.  Breathing slows down.  Eagle eyes looking ahead, it's calming and empowering... 

Back to the city life, beyond the psychic stress and rigors of career and survival, the physical strain on our precious eyes...  The eyes that give us the ability to see around us... they are so special and not to be taken for granted!  Sitting in front of the compuker and following the same visual maps across every digital page that come before us will cause issues, and there is a name for it...  a Carpal Tunnel for the eyes, if you will;   Eye problems caused by computer use fall under the heading computer vision syndrome (CVS).  

This is one of my favorite training tools to get my brain <> vision connection tuned up, it's Magic Eye, Beyond 3D - click here.  It's fun and it's science based.  Read more about the fabulous Magic Eye:

Magic Eye images are being used worldwide by eye specialists for vision therapy! Viewing Magic Eye images is like aerobics for your eyes.

Magic Eye Beyond 3D describes how Magic eye images can improve vision, relax the body and calm the mind. This hardcover book, SIGNED by the owner of Magic Eye, Cheri Smith, and contains Magic Eye 3D Illustrations and exercises.

You can always Bliss Out with a moment of your eyes cupped in the palms of your hands, just also get enough sleep, meditate... and be tuned in!


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