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Ending Chronic Pain :: Getting My Bones Did :: Spinal Fusion, The Last Option

Posted on 26 December 2016

After working 100 hours a week through my 30’s, I had managed to gain a weight problem and chronic back pain so bad, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. At one point, when I was clinically obese at over 180 pounds, the clever doctors told me to just “lose the weight” and all the chronic pain would simply go away. 

This was not any ordinary pain, mind you. I’m not a cry baby or hypochondriac — in fact, many people didn’t realize how bad it was until many years later. The pain I had was the kind of pain that no matter what kind of pill, patch, shot and therapy they gave me, nothing helped. Nothing.

After about a year of trying … I stopped trying… to kill the pain. It was futile. I went cold turkey. No mass, gracias. No more pills, patches or shots… it was all such toxic crap anyway, it made me feel worse and gave me brain fog.

Instead, I went about losing the weight and working out as hardcore as I could, eating my little meals in carefully measured intervals; even though my back was making all kinds of funky noises and the pain made me throw up — especially when I did that Hot Yoga, it felt good to sweat and the mild dizziness in the 105 degree heat kind of felt good, it was a surreal delight… like I was tripping and dripping —  It was that feeling of pushing myself so hard and blind mental focus, this combination managed to out weigh the pain. 

It worked, I lost weight but at 129 pounds I was disappointed - my tits deflated, and even worse, the pain was still there. Damn it, those doctors were wrong… typical.

Google is my best friend. We tell each other everything. For the next 5 years I was a research whore, because I was told that the herniated disc and stenosis in my back could be cured with physical therapy and diet. Guess what kids? Not always

This drove me to get myself on a healing path and I invested in all the best supplements and nutritional medicinals I could find. I sipped Soursop teas and turmeric ginger chai every night, made bone broth from organic grass fed cows, bought my own TENS device and iced/heat therapies every day and night, I bought a whole body vibration board and vibed diligently. I continued to work out and be active… I tried to do the right thing at every turn. Collagen became a big part of my diet, from my morning coffee to the stir fry at night for dinner. Inflammation is the enemy and it needed to be suppressed at every turn. I did all that. I even got me to an Osteopath, he healed many of my ailments… but that pain shooting down my left leg, it got worse… not better.

I went to the best doctor in the country, recommended by both my G.P. and my mother’s cardiologist, Dr. Elowitz at Cornell. Sure, he looked at my MRI and charged me over $345 to tell me the only next course of action was a Spinal Fusion but that it probably wouldn’t help — and that it had a 50/50 chance of maybe helping. Thanks for taking my money doc! That was in November of 2015.

After a joyous bike ride in the early days of Spring, I got home and realized I couldn’t feel anything in my thigh. In April 2016 I lost the feeling in my left leg. At first, not a big deal because I had lost feeling in my extremities many times over the last few years… and the feeling always came back.

End of May 2016. Still no feeling, now pain and spreading numb. Oh shit.

My dear friend and neighbor had had some back issues the year before and recommended I go see her Specialist. I made an appointment for later that week and thankfully I did. 

Finally, a doctor who took the time to send me for X-rays that clearly revealed what was going on in my spine. After 5 years wasted on the kind of pain that might make normal people shut down. 

You have to trust me when I tell you I was in pain before, and by looking at what was installed inside of me, you can tell it wasn’t just a minor tweak. It looks like scaffolding holding my spine together. But, it’s marvelous.

Spinal Fusion Titanium Implants

Spinal Fusion
You can’t fight genetics, your DNA is still not editable in real time (although hopefully soon) what you can do — and I am living proof of this — is prepare. You can optimize your metabolism and your mind to recuperate quickly. You can be prepared not to give in to the hype of pills for pain. You have the power to reprogram how you experience pain, and how you thrive when you are on the other side of the battle. When the disease has struck and you need to make some drastic changes to your physical being, prepare. After all, your body is your temple. 

So when I tell you I was living in pain before this surgery, and had taken pills and thrills for years to live with it- you can only imagine the weird, backwards delight I found in the pain after surgery… It was a different pain after the surgery. It was surgical pain. In my mind I focused on how this was a healing pain… where before it was a pain that felt sick and nauseating. This new pain was an opportunity. 

6 days after surgery I walked the first pain-free mile I had walked in 15 years.

The surgeon and everyone around me was stupefied by the rapid recovery... it's not rocket surgery guys... and here in this blog, in the pages of an eBook on surgical preparedness and rapid healing, I will share with you everything I did to achieve success and you can do it too!  Even if you gather some small take aways, maybe a giggle or two...maybe you will change your life forever and find your state of bliss... whatever I can give you, it is a gift to have you get this message and be here to share this journey with me.


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