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The Universe

Stare off into the darkness, dear friend - celebrate the universe.  Yes, everything is possible out there, and you are a part of it... It is gracious and cruel at times, but in the end, it is always as it should be.  

In this collection, you will find constellations, moons, galaxies... Black holes and aliens!   

Explore.  Wander.  Participate. Bliss out.


Thank You Universe - Yoga Leggings


Universe Yoga Leggings


Moon and Sun Eclipse Wooden Puzzle Box


Alien Handmade Recycled Metal


Galaxy Emoji Knee High Socks


Cats in outer space with pizza, tacos, and hot dogs


Alien Knee High Socks


Galaxy Knee High Socks


Glow in the dark alien socks on denim


Glow in the dark Alien ankle socks


Glow in the dark Space Explorer Ankle Socks


Glitter Ray Guns Ankle Socks


90's Teenage Dream - Unicorns, Aliens and pizza - Set of 10


Deluxe Festival Temporary Tattoos w Unicorn and Alien - Set of 20


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