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The Geek mantra is simple - 

Always Be Curious!  

Whether dealing with a network outage for a client or looking for that magic brew to help get the brain working over time ... real geeks never stop being curious - and we certainly indulge that inner child.

And like you, me and my friends struggle with the same daily challenges you struggle with.. But, let's never stop trying to find the best way to deal with our challenges, find a way to make things fun and find the bliss... We call that the Tao of Bliss.

And, Let's do the good stuff!

New Media Savant :: Engineer  :: Producer :: Writer ::  Infrastructure Advocate :: Adventurer :: Ordained Minister

Blissed Out Geek 

A geek from birth, a Certified Network Engineer (and an Ordained Minister) living in New York City, I’ve learned a lot about chasing the dragon of bliss!  

Nice to meet you.

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