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Good Stuff (Our Causes)

Always Be CuriousOur motto is "Always Be Curious" - and when one is curious, one asks questions... and seeks a way to get better, do better and be better - as a result, we find lots of reasons to care about our planet and the people on it!   As a result of our caring, we have a deep need to ensure everything we do is somehow paying it forward... little things add up and can make a big difference.  (See Butterfly Effect )

Every collection we sell at Blissed Out Geek has a message of awareness behind it and a cause it seeks to fuel.  For each collection, at the end of the year, 5% of net profits will go back to doing the good stuff... like:

Save The Honey Bees - Good Stuff WE Do - Our CausesSave The Honey Bee Collection , our pride and joy, not just because of the miraculous properties of real honey, the royal jelly and nourishing bee pollen - but, also because of the noble purpose of the bees... on a personal level, the mission-centric drones who travel far and wide to bring home the sweetest nectar for their Queen are fascinating... and what utopian genius engineered this society overlorded by a Queen!  (Yea, girls rule!)  And, any farmer will tell you... these cute little pollinators are vital to the sustainability of our harvests!  Do you now what it would take for a farmer to have to go and pollinate her own crop manually?? Read more about the bee's and our friends at Moon Valley Organics and see how their sanctuary is helping the pollinators - you can effect change!

Save The Elephants - If you have a heart, how can you not feel deep compassion for our planets Elephants?  They are loyal, loving smart creatures - they don't understand why they are hunted but have to live with that fear... and it isn't nature it is humans stalking and massacring these endangered creatures!  For Ivory, it's not like the ivory is going to cure your dying mother of cancer!  Stop buying it! Anyway, we at BoG feel the need to help preserve these creatures and their homes.  They were there first, once we have finalized the organizations doing good stuff for our mammoth friends, we'll post an update!

Saving our Oceans and Marine Life

Science Programs for Youth and after school programs, focusing on the Urban Youth of New York City, where we are headquartered.  

Programs to support research into longevity, brain health and more!

We are still developing our partner programs and identifying the causes we will support, but for now... Let's keep doing the good stuff and make it all part of our daily mantra!


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